Wednesday, May 12, 2010


     How To Bed Making Methods

            If you've ever been to a hotel or saw brochures of a hotel, you've probably noticed that their bed-        making skills have been perfected. In many cases, hotel staff will train housekeeping to make the beds a         certain way in order to provide a comfortable and beautiful-looking environment for its guests.
        Fortunately, the skills aren't difficult by any means, and can even be put to good use in the comfort of 
        your own home.


        Step 1. Remove all soiled or used bed linens.

       Step 2. Stretch a fitted sheet across the bed, being sure that the rounded edges with elastic fit snugly on 
       the four corners of the mattress.

       Step 3. Tuck any remaining part of the sheet under the mattress so that it will not come loose when 
       someone sits or lies on the bed.

       Step 4. Spread a top sheet over the mattress. Keep both sides an even distance from the floor. Tuck the
       bottom part of the sheet into the bed frame so that it does not hang over.

       Step 5. Fold the top part of the sheet about 1½ feet down.

       Step 6. Place the full blanket on top of the sheet. Spread it evenly across the bed, being sure again that
       both sides are an even distance away from the ground. Tuck the bottom part of the blanket into the
       bottom area of the bed frame, being sure it is not hanging over. Fold the top part of the blanket down 
       over the sheet about 1½ feet.

       Step 7. Remove any wrinkles from the bed by gently stroking the wrinkles with the palm of your hand.

       Step 8. Spread the comforter out evenly over the bed. Tuck the bottom area into the bed frame, being
       sure that it is not hanging over. Make sure that both sides of the comforter are an even distance from the
       ground. Fold the top part of the comforter about 1½ feet from the top of the bed.

       Step 9. Place two pillows barely above the fold on the comforter. The majority of the pillows should be
       resting on the fitted sheet (not the blanket or the top sheet).

       Step10. Slowly fold the comforter back toward the headboard of the bed over the pillows. Be sure that
       there is a small crease below the pillows. Smooth out any wrinkles on the bed by stroking them with the
       palm of your hand.

       Step 11. Place any remaining pillows on the bump where the two first pillows are under the comforter.